This project intends to engage and consult with a range of end users working with migrant, minority ethnic and LGBT communities, both in Scotland and beyond, in order to deliver expertise on intra-European LGB migration, identify gaps in service provision and facilitate communication across stakeholder communities. Engagement with stakeholders will be sustained through:

  • the establishment of a project advisory board
  • consultation events and ‘on demand’ briefings for relevant stakeholders
  • a public engagement event open to the general public
  • dissemination of key findings through a research report and this website

The study is intended to generate insights in advancing inclusive intersectional approaches to issues of equality and diversity. They will be of immediate relevance to Scotland and the UK, but potentially applicable to other parts of Europe and beyond.

The project also aims to contribute to academic debates on migration, sexuality, intimate life and on migrant integration through the organisation of a one-day conference in 2017 and a range of academic publications.